General Purpose I/O

  • DIGIcontrol-CH8


    Generic purpose I/O module for DIN-Rail mount, 230VAC/10A power relays controlled over the IBB interface or by manual override; Relay status report; Main voltage monitoring; monitored digital inputs for alarm, light switch function or counter inputs; 4 of the inputs could be configured as energy counter inputs with individual setting off 100, 300, 1000 or 10.240 pulses per kW with a selectable reporting interval; An expansion interface allows to expand the unit with 2 slave DIGIcontrol-RH8 relay modules to a total of 24 relay outputs.

    Technical Data:

    • 1x IBB interface
    • 8x Relay out with manual override switch & status report
    • 8x superwised alarm inputs (4 configurable as energy counter inputs)
    • 2x 3phase monitoring inputs
    • 1x 230VAC power supply for unit and expansion Modules
    • 1x extension bus interface for 2x DIGIcontrol-RH8 slave relay modules
  • DIGIcontrol-C44


    General Purpose I/O device with

    • ATS-IBB passive interface
    • 4 x Relay output
    • 4 x monitored input
    • low power monitor
  • DIGIcontrol-C4


    Generic purpose digital in module; Small form factor with 10cm connection cables to fit in small space or behind standard light switches; Open drain LED output for general purpose use.

    Technical Data:

    • 1x IBB interface
    • 4x digital input
    • 1x open drain output max. 40mA
    • Dimensions: H39 x B33 x T14mm
    • Power: 10,5-23VDC / 80 mA
  • DIGIcontrol-CMO


    The DIGIcontrol-CMO ModBus (RTU) master to Intelligent Building Bus (IBB) interface allows connecting 6 ModBus energy or other counter modules. Up to 60 analog channels and 60 logger/counter channels with configurable ModBus register sources can be converted to the DIGIcontrol IBB network. This allows processing, protocol and monitoring of total power consumption and delivery, as well individual phase values including voltage and current with just one ModBus counter module. Additional monitored inputs and one relay output allow direct control of energy consumers.

    Technical data:

    • ModBus RTU zu IBB Intelligent Building Bus (IBB) Protokollkonverter
    • 10 ModBus RTU meter
    • Conversion of up to 60 counters & 60 analogue Values
    • Four individual addressable monitored  inputs
    • One potential free power relay
    • Relay power management for low power consumption
    • DIN-Rail mounting