22 Jan. 2024

DIGIcontrol-RMO DIN-Rail module for expanding the IBB/S network with MODBUS-RTU interface, a relay output and 3 digital inputs.
The 22.5mm wide housing is suitable for mounting on DIN-Rails in a fuse box


DIGIcontrol-3000 V8.0

17 Mar. 2023

The DIGIcontrol-3000 V8.0 & FW release 4.08 is major update with a lot of improvements and function extensions. It includes also support for 10 new hardware items and the DIGIterm-350CCU e-Car load manager.
A main goal was to make configuration and handling even more user friendly and optimise download & communication. 

DIGIcontrol-R22, R2L

11 Feb. 2023

DIN-Rail I/O modules to expand the IBB/S network. Suitable for mounting on DIN-Rails in a light switch box
DIGIcontrol-R22 the little daughter of the well-known C44A module has only 2 relay outputs and two digital (counter) inputs.
DIGIcontrol-R2L has two LED drivers for controlling 2 LED lamps or one color temperature LED light circuit and a monitored digital input


24 Jan. 2023

The latest addition to our self-learning energy management system allows convenient integration of e-car charging stations with the following functions: charge amount by date; Charging as far as possible only with PV excess power, priority charging under taking account off peak current limits, ....



10 Nov. 2022

DC version of the 3rd generation high security single room controller; Easy installation with external power supply with 23-28VDC, 2 potential-free relays & 2 monitored inputs; IBB security bus for up to 6 bus devices. With 30,000 persons; 10 light circuits, 10 light programs; 5 alarm areas and 7 HVAC circuits, it is one of the most powerful single room controllers on the market


15 Sep. 2022

Sound server for playing up to 14 different alarm announcements or music files from an SD card due to I/O events. 4-8Ω loudspeakers can be connected directly to two output amplifiers with 42W each. 2 Switching relays allow the adoption of existing loudspeaker lines for alarm announcements. DIGIcontrol-SP2 is the small version with integrated loudspeakers for direct sound reinforcement.


11 Jun. 2022

In addition to all previous access functions, the AI-supported LPR camera & SW option supports the automatic recognition of the vehicle number plate and the direction of travel. Due to this, a fully automatic and safe opening and closing of barriers and gates is possible. Assigning the license plate number to a card number creates a simple connection to the familiar ATS access control fuctions



08 Feb. 2022

A new world for secure communication with DIGIcontrol-3000 per SMS.
80 ID’s with phone number, PIN and authorization profile to alow automatic system notifications, alarm messages and commands. 20 key words for simple commands of light, alarm., access control and  HVAC. 

ISO 50001:2018 & ISO 9001:2015

26 Jan. 2022

Another successful certification of the ATS Energy Management System according to ISO50001:2018 was successfully completed. Through the AI-Energy Management System we were able to reduce the total energy consumption with  another 4,5% to the previous year. Quality Austria also verified the ATS ISO 9001:2015



04 Oct. 2021

Generic fire loop controller to extend the ATS-IBB Network with up to 60 Apollo XP95 and Discovery fire detectors. A local configurable alarm relay ensures alarms even at a broken bus communication. Power over DC/DC converter for stable 26VDC loop voltage. 3 state LED’s for CPU, Diagnosic & Alarm.