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The vision of the ‘thinking’ building – once thought of as science fiction – has turned into reality by ATS. For over 40 years ATS has worked towards the goal of the truly intelligent building. Good technology is technology you don’t see. It should be reliable, secure, work invisible and learn by itself what the user needs. ATS offers today all items of an integrated security and building automation system. Access control, Time & Attendance, Alarm, video surveillance, Intrusion & Fire alarm System, Lighting and Energy management as well as Intercom & Sound over IP Systems are part of a single System working under the same Software, TCP/IP controller and cable.

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22 Jan. 2024

DIGIcontrol-RMO DIN-Rail module for expanding the IBB/S network with MODBUS-RTU interface, a relay output and 3 digital inputs.

17 Mar. 2023

The DIGIcontrol-3000 V8.0 & FW release 4.08 is major update with a lot of improvements and function extensions.