Intercom & AoIP

Public address Systems

Streaming audio over IP (AoIP) networks is being increasingly used for public address systems, to provide high-quality audio feeds over distance across a local area network or the Internet. Audio quality and latency are key issues for contribution links.

More advanced audio codec’s are capable of sending audio over unmanaged IP networks using automated jitter buffering, forward error correction and error cancelation to minimize latency and maximize packet streaming stability in live broadcast situations over unmanaged IP networks like the internet.

In the past 100V distribution systems have been used widely for PA systems which allow only small amount of sound sources to a high number of speakers. State of art systems came into existence for transporting high quality audio over IP based on TCP, UDP or RTP.

Audio over IP radio is one of the easiest ways for easy distribution of sound in a company or shopping mall. With carefully selected music and commercials at regular intervals, the channel is audible despite being generally considered non-intrusive, and works really well to get the message through. Time scheduled play list , announcements and emergency message distribution set up is quite easy to implement with AoIP systems. No restriction to the amount of  sound sources and speakers make allow a wide variety of system layouts.

IP Intercom

IP intercom is the ideal approach to integrate functionality in a management system with high level integration functionality. With a defined API and function set, all devices can be dynamically controlled and commanded to serve as full-duplex intercom devices, receive pages or play stored messages. Bell inputs can be monitored and output controlled remotely via TCP/IP. Working in a local network or over internet, the solution can be easily expanded to be used for surveillance systems where full remote control over audio and signal is needed.