• DIGIcontrol-EM


    The DIGIcontrol-EM energy management system uses self-learning algorithms for optimal control of different energy resources and storage systems, which guarantee constant improvement of energy use and peak current management.  ISO50000 compliant recording of all energy flows and temperatures with dynamic visualization of the comparison with the previous year's periods.
    Optimal use of multiple PV systems / battery storage systems and heat pumps. Different heat pumps (air / brine) are used depending on requirements and weather so that an optimal cop-value is achieved in each case.

    • Battery management to reduce power peeks
    • Maximizing self-consumption of electric energy
    • Optimization of Fronius hybrid Systems and heat pumps
    • Recording and controlling of energy flows
    • Inclusion of weather forecast to optimise energy stockpiling
    • Optimization of the use of different heat sources
    • Dynamic use of excess energy and heat storage
    • Continuous visualization of energy savings to previous periods
    • Long-time data storage for continuous „deep learning“
    • ISO50000 compliant protocols & data preparation
  • DIGIcontrol-CWR


    DIGIcontrol-CWR is an all composing unit to measure the complete energy flow and temperatures of heat pumps and heat distribution systems. It includes also a PID regulater to stear flow temperature in relation to outside temperature. One counter to measure electric energy and two heat/cooling meters with each two PT1000 & flow counter input, allow to measure prime & secondary energy. Three additional PT1000 inputs and 5 power relays for pumps, valves and heat pump control complete the possibilities. All inputs fully support the V4 analogue reporting system. 5 power relays with status feedback can be controlled by application or by manual overwrite with local jog-dial or host SW command. Relay, input states, temperature & energy values are shown on LCD-Display.

    Technical data:

    • Two heat/cooling & one energy meter with PID regulation
    • Loadable thermal capacity correction tables of measured fluid  
    • 3 additional analogue PT1000 input channels
    • 5 potential free power relays with feedback & manual override
    • Jog dial with graphic diagnostic display
    • IBB bus interface & internal 90-230VAC 15VA power supply
    • V4 reporting system and SD-card support
  • DIGIcontrol-WS11


    The latest weather station generation features the latest sensor technology for high precision measurement of wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and brightness from four directions, GPS time sync. & sun position – all in one device. Due to the measuring principle for wind speed & direction with the ultrasonic transit time measurement and the measurement of precipitation intensity via the back-reflected signal of a Doppler radar, the unit needs no moving parts, it is durable and has very long maintenance intervals. DIGIcontrol-WS11 is specially designed to provide comprehensive environmental information for ATS lighting and building control systems.

    Technical Data:

    • Modbus to ATS-IBB/S network interface
    • Support for V4 analogue reporting system
    • Supply voltage incl. heating 24V AC/DC
    • 4 light sensors: 1 to 150,000 lux / 1-100 %
    • Air temperature: -40,0…+80,0°C ±0.3°
    • GPS based sun elevation/azimuth angle and time sync.
    • Relative humidity: 10-90% ±1.8% 90-100% ±3%
    • Barometric Pressure 500…1200hPa ±0.1hPa
    • Rain 0…999mm/h, Resolution 0,1mm/h
    • Reporting interval of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes
    • Dimensions Ø150 x 220mm
  • DIGIcontrol-TSC


    Multifunction single room controller in a glass style unit combines exceptional design and intuitive operation with ATS integrated security and building automation technology. A graphic LCD-Display together with 8 touch keys for intuitive operation is suitable for all single room applications.

    It is designed for temperature and humidity control for heating, cooling, air-control and alarm display. The operating functions can be used very flexible depending on the user requirements. In case off intrusion or fire alarm, “ALARM” or “FIRE” is displayed with location of first alarm event and the integrated buzzer signals the alarm.

    Technical Data:

    • 1x IBB network interface (drawing 50mA)
    • 1x Temperature sensor ±0.3°C
    • 1x Humidity sensor f ±3.0 %RH
    • 2 digital inputs
    • Temperature range: -10° to +50°C
    • Dimensions: W82 x H82 x T7 mm above DIN box
    • Power: 10,5-23VDC / 90 mA
  • DIGIcontrol-R3D


    One for all heating controller with IBB interface, LCD-Display and jog dial control; Energy metering, valve and pump control with heating time schedules; Integrated power supply for unit and valve, Inputs for in/out water temperature measurement, volume counter input for flow measurement, Input for outside temperature; PID regulator for flow pipe water temperature; Energy and temperature reporting in configurable intervals.

    Technical Data:

    • 1x ATS-IBB network interface (drawing 50mA)
    • 1x Two lines LCD-Display with Jog dial control
    • 2x PT500/1000 temperature sensor interface
    • 1x counter input for flow measurement
    • 1x valve control output
    • 2x Relay 230VAC/6A for pump control
    • Temperature range: -10° to +50°C
    • Dimensions: W115 x H110 x D55 mm
    • Power: 230VAC/0,5A
  • DIGIcontrol-AI8


    Generic purpose analogue input module for DIN-Rail mount with IBB interface;

    Configurable inputs for either 1-10V or 1-20mA measurement

    Technical Data:

    • 1x ATS-IBB network interface (drawing 50mA)
    • 1x Temperature sensor ±0.3°C
    • 1x humidity sensor ±3.0 %RH
    • 2x supervised alarm inputs
    • Temperature range: -10° to +50°C
    • Dimensions: W80 x H67 x T39 mm
    • Power: 10,5-23VDC / 90 mA
  • DIGIcontrol-C1S


    Interface module for integrating Sensirion temperature and humidity sensors into the IBB/S network. The configuration and protocol support the V4 analog protocol system for detailed evaluations. The monitored input can be parameterized as an alarm, light control, regulation or counter input.

    Technical data:

    • 32Bit ARM Cortex-M4 CMOS CPU, 256kB Flash /32kB RAM
    • 1 Sensirion Interface for SHT-20, -25, 30 & -35 Temperature & humidity sensor
    • Monitored digital input for alarm, light or counter functions
    • IBB/S safety bus interface with AES encryption
    • Supply with 11-28VDC / 30mA via IBB/S
    • Dimensions  Ø53 x H22 mm